Slide We are a Web and Mobile Design and Development agency based in Kansas City that works together to deliver freshly crafted and high quality digital products. Freshly crafted & high quality digital products. Learn More
What We Do 🤩

We craft unique experiences.

Specializing in a Design Thinking focused approach for high quality WordPress, Web and Mobile Apps. Using a SCRUM/Agile philosophy for Discovery, Design and Development.


Our discovery process enables rapid course correction and early identification of road blocks.

Discovery phase culminates with collecting Background Research and Business Objectives, Brand Guidelines, Content Strategy, and Engineering Strategy.


Our design process begins in discovery as design and user experience experts gain the needed understanding of business objectives and goals to create wireframes supporting the informational architecture and needs of your unique audiences.


Keeping the process moving, we quickly transition from digital compositions to building designs directly in-browser. This approach enables more rapid iteration and refinement while enabling stakeholders to experience the design in its final state, with all of its interactive elements across multiple screen sizes.

Who we are 🤓

We are a team of developers, designers and creatives who work with and from a Design Thinking focused approach.

We are passionate about partnering with good people and organizations to provide exceptional custom solutions.

How we do it 🧐

Let’s cook something beautiful


API Development, Backend Development, Database Management, E-Commerce, Web App, WordPress

Smart Plant Home App

Android App, API Development, Backend Development, Database Management, iOS App

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We love making our clients unique digital experiences.